Product types: Stationery, art, prints, homeware, textile, accessories.
How would you describe your design style?: Simple, contemporary, smart, sincere, emphatic, humorous, intellectual, unconventional, varied, limitless.
Which materials are you using and why have you chosen exactly them?
We are very much interested in paper because of its intellectual connotations. It is a material which is part of almost every kind of people’s everyday life so actively and expressively. You can take random notes like what to buy from the grocery shop, or a simple information to be passed to another person, or you can use it for more serious intellectual things like class notes, sketches for creative work, book drafts. The list goes on. It is a space, a medium, which makes you think, sort out things and yourself. It welcomes you to do so. Everyone is a designer when she/he uses a notebook. It encourages you to leave your stain, trace, your unique style in the most sincere way without you even being aware of it! It has been helping people to communicate for centuries. We LOVE paper!
Another material we are so much interested in is fabric / textile. Our mother and honorary founder Hamide Yanç Özçetin was a fashion designer. We grew up with fabrics and all sort of related materials. She used to take us to fabric shopping. We especially cannot forget our memories with her in the amazing textile bazaar in southeast Turkey, in Gaziantep, on the border to Aleppo, Syria. The city´s market presents so many products from Syria. But we were especially so impressed by the colorful fabrics. Some people buy, collect books, some records, etc., our
mother used to go out and shop fabrics. She had a fabric library :) Fabric also offers you so many options and feelings. It is again very expressive. Each culture and geography have their own fabric and patterns printed on or woven into the fabrics. It tells so much about us; the people of this earth.
What inspires you?
Anything, everything. Life. More specifically: Everyday. Anything simple or complicated. Immediate surroundings or not. Nature (including everything in it). Technology. Materials. Women: Hamide Yanc Ozcetin (our mother).
East and west: Copenhagen, Scandinavia but also East­ meaning Turkey and south east Turkey, Gaziantep.